Demi helmets Jet Vintage

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    1 product
    Demi Helmet Jet GIVI 10.7 Evo Solid Color

    Semi -wholemeal helmets Demi Jet in style Vintage

    Demi's Demi helmets Jet Vintage They are ideal for small motorcycle outputs and daily journeys.

    These helmets Jet With small dimensions they combine the practicality and lightness of a helmet open to the comfort and protection of a visor of a full helmet.

    Why choose a Demi helmet Jet Vintage?

    Certainly for his visor which, unlike the classic jet helmets, is integrated, therefore easy to raise or lower at any time and of larger dimensions for perfect protection from the weather.

    The difference between vintage jet helmet and a demi Jet It is precisely the visor, a right compromise between vintage and modern taste.

    Find the Demi helmet Jet Vintage in our selection of Helmets Jet with long visor, you will find the best selection of international brands such as Bell Helmets, Biltwell incom, DMD And Nexx.

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