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    2 products
    Pantaloni John Doe Defender Mono Olive
    Pants John Doe Defender Mono Olive
    Pants John Doe Defender Mono Black

    Fabric pants from Moto: The perfect union between comfort and safety

    Are you looking for fabric trousers ideal for your motorcycle trips? You just found your next stop. We know how much the safety, comfort and style combination is essential when the wind is riding, and that is why our range of motorcycle fabric pants has been carefully chosen for you.

    Safety in each fiber

    Each pair of our collection has reinforcements in the key areas and certified protections, designed to offer maximum protection in the event of unexpected events. The fabric, designed to resist abrasion, guarantees exceptional resistance during your adventure.

    Comfort and freedom of movement

    Whether you are traveling to distant destinations or in a short excursion, the flexible and breathable nature of the fabric ensures you unparalleled comfort. With ergonomic design and adjustment options, these pants will become your ideal ally.

    Style in every detail

    Safety is vital, but the look is also! From minimalist design to the most sophisticated ones, our selection ranges through a variety of styles to satisfy every taste. Discover a wide range of colors, details and finishes to show your unique character.

    Quality without compromise

    Our passion for the road is reflected in the quality of our products. We only select the best fabrics and collaborate with the top brands to offer you pants that will not disappoint you.

    Navigate in our selection and discover your next pair of motorcycle fabric pants. And remember: with the right clothing, each lap becomes a new adventure.

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