Saddlebags Rigid Sides

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    4 products
    Saddlebags Lateral MT501 GIVI
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    Borsa Laterale Sinistra MT501S - Multilock
    MT501S Left Side Bag - Multilock
    Valigia Trekker Dolomiti Monokey® Black Line - 30LT
    Trekker Dolomiti Monokey® Suitcase Black Line - 30LT
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    Valigia Trekker Dolomiti Monokey® - 30LT
    Trekker Dolomiti Monokey® Suitcase - 30LT
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    Saddlebags Rigid Sides Moto

    Discover the Saddlebags Rigid Lateral: the Ultimate Solution for Your Travels in Moto

    Expand your travel possibilities with our Saddlebags Rigid Sidepacks, designed to offer maximum cargo capacity without compromising the safety or style of your bike. Made to withstand the elements and the most demanding adventures, these Saddlebags are the must-have accessory for any motorcyclist who wants to explore without limits.

    Features Main:

    • Strength and Durability: Our Saddlebags Rigid Sides are manufactured from high quality materials, providing protection against bumps, scratches and adverse weather conditions.
    • Optimal Load Capacity: With a spacious design, these Saddlebags offer ample space for equipment, clothing and any other items needed for your adventures.
    • Improved Security: Equipped with secure locking systems, the Saddlebags Hard Sides protect your belongings, ensuring that everything stays in place no matter which way you go.
    • Quick and Easy Installation: Thanks to intuitive docking mechanisms, the Saddlebags can be easily mounted and removed from the bike, making every travel preparation a breeze.
    • Extended Compatibility: Designed to fit a wide range of motorcycles, these Saddlebags are an ideal choice for riders of different models and styles.

    Why Choose the Saddlebags Hard Lateral?

    The Saddlebags Rigid Sidewalls are not just an accessory, but a real upgrade for your motorcycle, combining advanced functionality with an aesthetic design that perfectly complements the look of your bike.

    Whether you're planning a long trip across the continent or a short jaunt out of town, these Saddlebags offer the ideal storage solution, allowing you to travel in comfort and style.

    Don't let limited space limit your adventures.

    Choose our Saddlebags Rigid Sidepacks and turn every trip into an unforgettable experience. Visit our e-commerce to discover the full range and find the perfect solution for your travel needs.

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