Interceptor 650 Change Cafe Twin

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Change Cafe Twin

These are the projects we like! When they commissioned us to create this Royal Enfield Custom We immediately accepted the challenge.

Interceptor 650 Change Cafe Twin

On the other hand, the customer who commissioned us the bike, had clear ideas, realize his dream motorcycle, taking inspiration from the many beautiful projects that are online.

Now it was up to us to find all the Interceptor accessories to carry out the project.

We enter the heart of this beautiful scrambler Total black. It must be said, first of all, that this brand new Custom motorcycle leaves our workshop with major structural changes than ours Interceptor 650 custom preceding the Gravel

Frame shortened in the back, instrumentation applied sideways on the motorcycle and semi -tailed tires, here are the key details to make the elegant very elegant Interceptor 650 aCustom Ready to everything with a super aggressive look.

Wrapped in the black cloak of its Matte Black livery, the motorcycle mounts a range of accessories refined and selected from the best brands on the custom panorama, such as the splendid high Tsard exhaust that instantly transforms the bike into a real scrambler.

Interceptor Zard Alto exhaust


Other non -negligible details are certainly, the Slim saddle, the LED lighthouse, the sideburst, the handlebar complete with new knobs and new adjustable levers, the cover Carter and the tank cover. All elements that help make thisInterceptor 650 Change Cafe Twin An exclusive way, all to be looked at and discover.

Below you will find all the products used by our mechanics team to prepare the bike!

Changes Interceptor 650

Interceptor Changes - Complete list:


Interceptor custom changes


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