Assembly Instructions

We are delighted that you have chosen a Cafe Twin product to customize your motorcycle. As specialized dealers in products for transforming motorcycles into custom versions, we would like to clarify some important points:

  1. Assembly Instructions: Unfortunately, we are unable to provide direct assistance for remote assembly. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you carefully read the provided instructions, when available, and use appropriate tools.

  2. Safety in Assembly: It is crucial to ensure that the assembly is carried out under optimal safety conditions. Before tightening the screws finally, make sure that the product is correctly positioned and secured.

  3. Post-Assembly Checks: After completing the assembly, conduct a test ride. Subsequently, it is vital to recheck the tightening and securing of each component.

  4. Reassembly of Original Parts: In the case of reassembling original parts, always follow the specifications provided by the motorcycle manufacturer.

  5. Maintenance and Periodic Checks: It is advisable to periodically check the tightening and securing of each part.

Caution: The installation and maintenance of our products require in-depth technical knowledge. To ensure your safety and that of others, Cafe Twin always recommends relying on a professional mechanic.

If you decide to proceed on your own, please read all installation instructions carefully.

For torque specifications not provided by Cafe Twin, consult the vehicle manufacturer or a specialized workshop. Use medium-strength thread locker where necessary.

Cafe Twin disclaims any liability for damages resulting from improper installation or use of the product.

Our products are mainly designed for motorcycles in original condition. The compatibility with accessories from other manufacturers must be verified and is not always guaranteed.

Thank you again for choosing Cafe Twin for customizing your motorcycle. If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us or visit an authorized workshop.