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    3 products
    Top case Givi B32 Bold
    602,00 kr
    Top case Givi B45+ Universal Monolock
    1.051,00 kr
    Top case Givi E300NT2 Universal Monolock
    Selling price 532,00 kr Price 562,00 kr Savings 5%

    Top cases Moto

    Welcome to our section dedicated to Trunks Moto, the ideal place to discover a wide range of solutions for safely and stylishly transporting your belongings while riding. Our top cases are designed to meet the needs of every motorcyclist, providing convenience and safety without compromising the style of your motorcycle.

    Wide Selection: We offer top cases in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials, suitable for all types of motorcycles, from sport to touring to enduro and city bikes. Whether you are looking for a compact topcase for short trips or a roomier solution for long adventures, you will find the right product for your every need.

    High Quality Materials: Our topcases are manufactured from strong, durable materials that can protect your belongings from the elements and the stresses of travel. Materials such as polypropylene and aluminum provide lightness and strength, while stainless steel details offer added security.

    Innovative and Functional Design: Each top case features secure and easy-to-use fastening systems that allow for quick assembly and disassembly, ideal for those who are always on the move. In addition, the sleek and modern design blends seamlessly with the aesthetics of your motorcycle, enhancing its overall appearance.

    Safety and Convenience: Equipped with sturdy locks and reliable locking mechanisms, our top cases ensure that your belongings are always protected. Some models also offer additional features such as built-in USB ports, LED lights, and ventilation systems for superior comfort and functionality.

    Explore our selection to find the perfect topcase that meets your travel and style needs. With our solutions, you can enjoy the road with the confidence that everything you need is safe and close at hand.

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