Exhaust BMW R nineT Homologated Hot Rod Mass

Exhaust BMW R nineT Homologated Hot Rod Mass
Exhaust BMW R nineT Homologated Hot Rod Mass

Exhaust BMW R nineT Homologated Hot Rod Mass

Brand: MASS Exhaust
Model Moto
Price €1.323,00
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Exhaust BMW R nine T Homologated 2 in 1

The unique tube shape of the Exhaust complete "2in2 Hot Rod short" develops from the engine heads, and inside is a soundproofing system consisting of perforated rods wrapped with sound-absorbing material.

The Exhaust bike is handcrafted from stainless steel with special attention to the quality of construction, materials and details in the welds, this ensures great reliability and long service life.

This motorcycle muffler comes with two removable db-killers, compensator, housing for lambda probes, and everything needed for assembly. Inside the package you will find the homologation certificate for road use.

This installation of Exhaust BMW R nineT Homologated Hot Rod Mass is compatible with BMW R NineT Mount the Exhaust motorcycle hot rod on your bike BMW guarantees a 5% increase in power and torque over the parameters of the original motorcycle, improved acceleration, and reduced weight and fuel consumption of the motorcycle.

This is without having to modify the motorcycle's ECU. The sound will be darker and more appealing while complying with traffic code regulations.

Lo Exhaust Moto Approved is available in three different finishes: Satin, Glossy and Black

Nb. The Exhausts Mass Exhaust are approved according to the German regulations of the TüV only if purchased in the catalyzed version and equipped with Db-killer supplied with each Exhaust Mass

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