Side Frames Street Twin / Speed Twin 900 GIVI TMT6407

Telai Laterali Street Twin dal 2016 Givi TMT6407

Side Frames Street Twin / Speed Twin 900 GIVI TMT6407

Brand: GIVI
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Givi TMT6407 Side Mount Frames: The Ideal Choice for Your Adventures with the Triumph Street Twin / Speed Twin 900

If you're the lucky owner of a Triumph Street Twin / Speed Twin 900 and are looking for the best way to add storage capacity to your moto, the Givi TMT6407 Side Frames are the perfect option for you.

These specific black tubular steel frames are designed to provide secure and reliable support for your soft side bags, whether you prefer the specific Givi MT501 or universal soft side bags.

A Sturdy Support for Your Saddlebags

The safety and stability of your side bags are essential when you undertake long-distance trips or off-road excursions.

Givi TMT6407 Side Mounts are constructed with high-quality black tubular steel, which offers exceptional strength to keep your bags safe throughout the journey.

The strength of these frames effectively prevents the bags from toe-in toward the rear wheel and prevents them from moving at high speeds, ensuring a stable and safe riding experience.

Compatibility with the Triumph Street Twin / Speed Twin 900

Givi TMT6407 Side Mounts are designed specifically for the Triumph Street Twin / Speed Twin 900, which means they fit perfectly on your moto 900 without compromising its aesthetics.

These frames are available as a pair, so they include both left and right sides, giving you a complete support system for your side bags.

Versatility of Use

Whether you already have Givi MT501 saddlebags or want to use universal soft side bags, these frames are the ideal solution.

Their versatility allows you to customize the bag configuration to your specific needs.

Givi TMT6407 Side Panniers are a practical and functional investment for any adventurous motorcyclist.

Not only do they provide reliable support for your panniers, but they also enhance the appearance and performance of your Triumph Street Twin / Speed Twin 900.

Whether you're planning a long trip or a short adventure, these frames will help you carry everything you need conveniently and safely.

Get ready for new adventures on the road with this high-quality solution.

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