Cleaning Brush Kit Moto Muc-Off x 3


Cleaning Brush Kit Moto Muc-Off x 3

Brand: Muc-Off
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Cleaning Brush Kit Moto Muc-Off

Set of 3 Motorcycle Cleaning Brushes. Soft wash brush:  Made with bristles in a synthesized compound designed to clean delicate motorcycle finishes such as rims. Its design includes a sturdy non-slip, impact-resistant handle and an oversized head for quick cleaning of large areas. Detail Brush: Made with durable Nylon bristles and a sturdy handle with rubberized inserts in impact areas to protect delicate finishes, it is ideal for removing dirt in hard-to-reach areas.

Claw Brush: High-quality, durable Nylon three-head brush with integrated mud scraper. This brush is ideal for cleaning the chain, chainring and sprocket.Brush Care: To maintain brush performance, avoid the use of boiling water and allow hot parts of the bike to cool before use..

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