Accessories Fantic

48 products

    48 products
    Saddle Caballero Scrambler 840 mm
    Scalda Collo Fantic Nero
    Neckwarmer Fantic Black
    Protezione Silenziatore Carbonio Caballero 500
    Carbon Silencer Protection Caballero 500
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    Maschera Moto Fantic Rossa New Era 2
    Mask Moto Fantic Red New Era 1
    Chain Joint Link Caballero
    Shock Absorber Kit Caballero Reduced Stroke
    Borsa Laterale Caballero Originale Fantic Verde
    Telaio Borsa Laterale Caballero
    Lateral bag Caballero Original Fantic Green
    Barre Laterali Caballero Fantic
    Side Bars Caballero Fantic

    Accessories Fantic

    The brand's after-market accessories Fantic Motor are designed for those who want to elevate the riding experience by combining style and performance.

    Made from high-quality materials, these parts are ideal for customizing your motorcycle, making it more appealing and functional.

    From ergonomic saddles to kits of Exhaust performance, through to Handlebars and adjustable footpegs, each accessory is designed to enhance the comfort and efficiency of your vehicle. Whether you want to accentuate the retro look or boost performance on the road, with accessories Fantic Motor you will transform your motorcycle into a unique and unmistakable jewel.

    Immerse yourself in the world Fantic and discover how to turn your passion into an unprecedented experience.

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    • Caballero 500
    • Caballero 700
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