Victorinox X Roeg Knife

Coltello Victorinox X Roeg
Coltellino Svizzero Victorinox
coltellino tascabile in serie limitata
coltellino multiuso Deluxe Tinker
Victorinox X Roeg Knife
Victorinox X Roeg Knife

Victorinox X Roeg Knife

Brand: Greek
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Victorinox X Roeg Knife

Swiss Army Knife Victorinox made for Roeg with special black and white coloring.

The multi-purpose pocketknife Deluxe Tinker is indispensable in your days on the bike, whether you want to cut food, build a cabin or just crack open a beer.

This limited edition pocket knife for Roeg will make a great companion on the road.

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