Royal Enfield Meteor 350: the custom that was not there

Royal Enfield Meteor 350: the custom that was not there comes from Cafe Twin!

20 HP monocilincal with classic style and modern technology: the Meteor 350 Opens a new frontier of the Custom segment After making a very short appearance in via Mesula 12 the brand new Royal Enfield Meteor 350 It will come to stay, or rather, to go to the home of the many motorcyclists who wait for her. Yes, because the little Classic-Customs was one of the most anticipated news of 2021 and the reason is clear: it is the bike that was not there!

Custom for everyone

In a segment, such as that of the custom and cruiser, in which the bikes are heavy, of large displacement and mostly dedicated to expert hands the Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Change the paradigm: it's easy, designed for everyone (from the novicend to the commuter to the return motorcyclists). A result obtained from the team work of Royal Enfield, which has virtually put (given the times) together the members of the two technical centers of Chennai (India) and Brutingthorpe (UK) to create a model that had, as traditionally inspired by the past (the first Meteor it is dated 1952) but could condense classic lines with modern details, without giving up the unmistakable style that each Royal Enfield It has in DNA. 20 -liter drop tank, pronounced fenders, abundant saddle with inevitable Sissy bar and breed rims make it a custom today but that does not give up the stylistic features that, left by the United States, have become the bible of the genre.
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The secret that makes the Meteor 350 A unique bike in our day lies in performance: the bike is in fact equipped with the single cylinder 349 cc with electronic injection with 5 -speed gearbox and clutch with 7 discs (for fluid changes and sweets also in traffic) capable of 20.5 HP at 6,100 rpm and 27 Nm at 4,000.  Numbers that do not even scare the less experienced, but that give the opportunity to enjoy their travel companion at 360 °. Long race and mixed air/oil cooling are the traits that unite it with the other engines Royal Enfield, while the balance of balance makes the engine fluid and vibrations practically absent, without however giving up taking care of the sound, central aspect of each bike "Made Like a Gun". Like any self -respecting classic also the Meteor 350 It has a double -culla steel frame, which however combines a "large" suspension department: 41 mm and 130 mm racing telescopic fork and double hydraulic shock absorber adjusting the spring preload. A setting that promises agility in the city but also a certain support when the curves give way to the metropolis traffic lights. To brake it a pair of single 300 and 270 mm discs with double channel ABS. It is also for everyone for its measures: the saddle 765 mm from the ground It makes it a bike for all sizes, with the ergonomics exalting the position of the advanced platforms and the raised handlebar, but the weight is contained in 191 kg dry. A custom "light" In short.

A classic Hi-Tech

The secret of the Royal Enfield Meteor 350 It is also and above all on the command bridge: the instrumentation is in fact a double cluster which combines analog and digital and above all brings technology to its debut Triper, which allows you to combine the bike with the smartphone through Bluetooth and to have the Turn-by-Turn navigation projected on the dedicated screen. There is also a USB socket to recharge the phone. But modernity is also seen in the gaze, given that the front lighthouse mixes the vintage of the halogen lighthouse with the modern signature of the LED drl.

A Meteor for everyone

This model, like all Royal Enfield, has a thick choice of accessories available, but to make it infinitely customizable is also the possibility to choose between 3 versions and 7 different colors. There Fireball, with a red or yellow monocolor tank and the finishing of the combined rims is the most essential version, which adds a dark touch to the engine and unloading finishes and costs 4,099 euros. There Stellar Instead it can be in red, blue or opaque black and has the panels in the color and the badge with the logo on the tank. There is no shortage of chrome on handlebar and unloading and as standard there is also the backrest for the passenger. The price starts from 4,189 euros. There Supernova Instead, it is the top of the range of the family: two -tone blue or brown livery, milling rims, premium saddles and windshields make it the most exclusive among small customs. The price starts from 4,279 euros. Models_meteor_350_ Exclusivity and style have never been so accessible, we are waiting for you to Cafe Twin To make it touch!
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