The 5 Italian destinations in the mountains to be reached by motorbike

Motorcycle trips: the 5 most beautiful mountain itineraries in Italy

The 5 Italian destinations in the mountains to be reached by motorbike: When the heat begins to make themselves heard there are those who take and part towards the cool. Here are 5 mountain steps that in motion become a unique experience The mountain is a friend of motorcyclists, not only of those who mount the piece and with the specialist enduro climb towards the unexplored peaks, but also of those who prefer the asphalt and certainly do not want to give up the paths all curves that lead to the top of the passage . Here are 5 Italian destinations that, at least once in life, every motorcyclist must do!

Passo Giau

In the heart of the Dolomites, the terrace of Europe was born, or the Giau pass, which offers a panorama of a more unique than rare beauty. The departure to enjoy these roads dug in the rock and ancient is from Cortina d'Ampezzo, taking the SS51 to the west. After about 15 km and a pair of turns you arrive at the foot of the pass, where 20 minutes of travel all curves await us and then continue towards the SP638 and continue the journey to the Marmolada and the Fedaia pass. Last stage of the journey the entry into Trentino Alto Adige, Direction Canazei. 


If we talk about the mountains, one of the Italian regions that are most often mentioned is theAbruzzo, the Wyoming of Italy. Just to remain ecstatic from the beauty of its landscapes, a destination to be reached is absolutely gadi. You can start from Sora, a Lazio town in the heart of the Ciociaria, and go up the side of the Abruzzo National Park through the map of maple. Once in Pescasseroli, continue towards the beautiful gorges of the wisdom that lead us to the lakes of Barrea, Scanno and San Domenico, to conclude a route with about 2 hours and 30 minutes of driving in the frame of the medieval center of Sulmona.

Travel-in-Mota-MonatagnaThe Sempione Pass

There are those who want to look for it not exactly behind the house, and maybe they also want to breathe the air across the board. Visiting the Sempione Pass is a perfect destination then, because it reaches 2,005 meters high and above all it is the historic way of connection between Italy and central Europe. The starting point is the city of Domodossola, where taking road 9 we head towards the pass and Switzerland. Once at the top, however, you can continue towards Briga, to continue enjoying the roads that cross rocks and rocky walls. Pay attention to the limits though: the Swiss policemen know how to leave even the cuteuriuri on foot.

The Stelvio

The roof of Italy or the queen of the streets are just some of the nicknames that the Stelvio pass has earned over time, and there will be a reason! Over 80 curves (of which 36 bends Lombardy and 48 in Trentino) make it a joy for each motorcyclist. Fascinating and demanding in both directions, this path requires a minimum of experience given the infinite snake of curves and a lot of attention, because there are not only the motorcyclists who care to do it, but also pedestrians, cyclists, campers, and who more He has more.

Futa and ralosa

Two roads that for experience motorcyclists are the alternative in travel along the back of the highway of the sun to the boredom of 1 along the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. To make this brace the best way is to start from Tuscany, near Fiorenzuola, and go up to the Futa, once at the top you just have to continue in the direction of Emilia-Romagna to find the beautiful curves of the Ramous, and finish the journey with a nice walk On the Bolognese hills, as Cesare Cremonini and members did with their 50s Special. Now that you have discovered The 5 Italian destinations in the mountains to be reached by motorbike You just have to buy everything you need for your trip.
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