Daytona Velona W odometer with tachometer


Daytona Velona W odometer with tachometer

Brand: Daytona
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Digital Odometer Moto Daytona Velona W with Tachometer

Digital Odometer Daytona Velona W with integrated tachometer is ideal for cafe racer e moto custom. This tachometer moto steel round with a diameter of 80 mm, provides blue backlighting, with indicator lights (ignition, neutral, high beam and turn signals)

The instrument measures up to 200 km/h and 9000 RPM the instrument moto digital provides the functions of: speed, voltage display, odometer, trip odometer and clock. The digital signal for the speedometer is used by the original speedometer. It works, therefore, only if the original was already equipped with a digital speedometer. The speedometer can convert the signal from almost any moto common.

If the moto does not provide a digital signal, it can be installed thanks to the universal Daytona sensor > CLICK HERE  Tested: ECE-R10 Notes: red = brighter - yellow = more continuous - black = ground

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